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Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Karen Gentile and Jean Russo discuss pediatric health conditions and parenting concerns in an evidence-based educational podcast aimed at parents and other pediatric healthcare providers. Powered by Kids First Pediatric Partners, one of the leading pediatric practices in the Northshore and located in Skokie, Illinois. 

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Aug 28, 2018

Do you think your child may have a social media addiction?  Is social media use preventing your child from sleep or giving them poor self esteem?  Do you think your child may be bullied on social media? Special guest Dr. Nirmeen Rajani, a Clinical Psychologist from Primary Care Psychology Associates, reviews the effects of social media use on children and teens in a wonderful discussion called "Does My Child really have 500 Friends".  She talks with NP's Karen and Jean about the various social media platforms including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, WhatsApp,, and LinkedIn.  The positive and negative effects of social media use on youth are discussed.  In Dr. Rajani's podcast, we hear confessions from students about how social media makes them feel and how it affects their sleep and their behavior. Over use of social media can lead to addiction-type behaviors in which Dr. Rajani can successfully treat in the office.  Methods on how to speak to your child about healthy, safe, and appropriate use of social media are recommended.  Methods of monitoring the child's potential over-use of social media are reviewed and how to talk to your child about bullying online are presented.

Concrete talking points for parents:

  • Hey, I’m curious about the new social media sites youth use now a days... 
  • What do you like about (FB, Snapchat, YoBo...)
  • What have your interactions been like on (site)?
  • How did you feel when you saw the picture of your friend vacating in Paris and you had to be in summer school?
  • What kind of friendships do you hope for?
  • Are your social media interactions fulfilling? Do they make you feel any negative emotions?
  • Have you thought about your usage? Can we work together to make it more meaningful for you?
  • Have you ever felt pressured into doing or saying something on (site) that made you uncomfortable?
  • You know I would always protect you right?
  • Do you need to talk to someone about how you feel? 


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