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Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Karen Gentile and Jean Russo discuss pediatric health conditions and parenting concerns in an evidence-based educational podcast aimed at parents and other pediatric healthcare providers. Powered by Kids First Pediatric Partners, one of the leading pediatric practices in the Northshore and located in Skokie, Illinois. 

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Nov 6, 2018

Fall and Winter are the seasons in which there is a rise in upper respiratory infections including croup.  Croup is a specific type of URI that causes a barky seal-like cough and sometimes difficulty breathing.  Croup often comes on suddenly and can be very scary for parents.  In this episode, Nurse Practitioners Karen & Jean discuss croup and help us to understand how to handle croup when it is suspected:


  • Signs and symptoms of croup
  • The hallmark symptom of croup
  • Sound bite of the classic “seal” bark cough
  • At home treatment recommendations
  • Steroids?  When should and when should we not use them? 
  • The differences between mild, moderate, and severe croup
  • When to consider an ER evaluation or when to call 911
  • When would an ENT referral be appropriate?